Nr. 802: Rhethia

Rare edition of the Metellus map

“Rhethia Grawbundt grisons gallice”. Depiction of Graubünden with Valtellina, West at top. Engraved map after Johannes Metellus by the Hogenberg workshop, published by Lambert Andreas, Cologne 1597. (PM) 15 x 24,5 cm.

Cf. Sceffer 4: “Reperibilità molto difficile”. From the first edition of the rare compendium of European road-maps “Kronn und Aussbundt aller Wegweiser”, published by L. Andreas, Cologne 1597 (cf. Meurer, Atlantes Colonienses, pp. 140-46). Before our edition of 1597 the plate was used only for Johannes Metellus’s “Franciae, Austrasiae et Helvetiae Geographica Descriptio”, Cologne 1594 (cf. Meurer, Met 38). In our “Kronn und Aussbundt”-version the back of the map bears a new typographical text in German, which contains a description of Chur and indicates the distances between Chur and the major Swiss and neighbouring foreign towns. – Fine impression of the hitherto barely used plate with full plate tone. Full impression of the plate with full margins. Few tiny wormholes. An excellent copy of an early and extremely rare regional map!

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