Nr. 790: ..Stockholm..

Map and 2 panoramic views

"Accurate Carte der Upländischen Scheren mit der Situation und Gegend umb die Königl. Schwedische Haupt und Residentz-Stadt Stockholm“. Below the map 2 large panoramic prospects of the “Norder Malm” and the „Syder Malm”. Engraving, printed from 1 plate, in full original colour by Johann Bapt. Homann “Rom: Kays: Majt. Geograph(us)” , Nürnberg c. 1720. (PM) 50,2 x 59,2 cm.

Early state before the privilege was granted to the Homann workshop in 1729. Because Homann was promoted to the rank of an Imperial Geographer in 1715 our map must have been published between the 2 dates. - A perfect example of Homann’s combination of the map and the 2 prospects of Stockholm in an early state! Fine strong impression, shining full original colour: The 2 prospects meticulously coloured by a contemporary hand.
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