Nr. 638: Tabula Islandiae

Jodocus Hondius’s map in original colour

“Tabula Islandiae Auctore Georgio Carolo Flandro”. Etched map in full original colour, “Amstelodami Judocus Hondius excudit”, ca. 1629. (PM)  38,5 x 50,3 cm.

Koeman-van der Krogt 1250:2.1. Verso blank. – Joris Carolus from Enkhuizen got the permission of the Dutch authorities to publish his new map of Iceland only in autumn 1626. Jodocus Hondius Jr. etched the plate and intended to enclose the new map in his projected modern atlas. But the Atlas was never produced because of his early death on 18th August 1629. The plates were sold by his widow to Willem Blaeu shortly after his death. By then they had only be used to produce loose maps for individual sale or for binding them up in “ad hoc collections”. Blaeu having acquired the Iceland-plate erased the Hondius imprint and imme­diately published the map in that state in his Atlantis Appendix of 1630. – Good original margins. Outstandingly nice original colour. Very light age-toning throughout. Guard removed. Centrefold and slight printer’s crease at left hand side softened. – In this state and condition very rare.
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