Nr. 325: Daniae Regni Typu (m) s

Scarce 1st state of Claes Jansz Visscher’s “carte à figures”

“Daniae Regni Typum.. Claes Ianß Visscher excudit”.  Engraved and etched map with decorative borders in original colour, published by Claes Jansz Visscher, Amsterdam before 1630. The map was engraved mainly after Speed’s 1626 map of Denmark by Abraham Goos, who signed as engraver above the cartouche in the lower right corner; the decorative borders were etched in Visscher’s workshop. The top border shows the royal coat of arms flanked by oval views of “Coppenhagen”,  “Elsenor”, ”Lantskroon” and “Ripen” and circular portraits of “Christianus IV.” and “Freder. Christian.. Christiani IIII. Filius”, in the bottom border a portrait of Tycho Brahe is flanked by oval views of “Sleswyck”, “Hamburgh”, “Lubeck”, “Oldenburgh” and circular views of “Croneburgum” and “Uraniburgum”. The left and right borders show figures in contemporary dress. (PM) 46, 3 x 54, 8.

Rare first state of this important map before any date. Verso no text. Schilder, vol. VI, map 77.1 (1st state of 6). Cf. as well Campbell, map 28 (where C. quotes the later (2nd) edition of 1630, but also mentions an undated copy in a 1623 Mercator-Hondius Atlas in the British Museum). - Full impression on laid paper with a watermark with original margins at all sides (at top the margin is very narrow). The colour is original: The map is partly fully coloured, partly only in outline; the borders and decorative features are fully coloured. Slight paper toning, some staining in parts of the map and margins, minor imperfections. No centrefold, because the copy has been preserved plano. A scarce single printed map in original colour.

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