Nr. 313: Tabula.. Sueciae et Norvegiae

Claes J. Visscher’s map in splendid original colour

"Tabula exactissima Regnorum Sueciae et Norvegiae, nec non Maris Universi Orientalis, Terrarumq: adjacentium". Map in original colour after Anders Bure, engraved by Abraham Goos and published by “Nicolas Johannis” Visscher, but actually by Claes Claesz Visscher I or II, Amsterdam c. 1680. Shows the whole of the Scandinavian peninsula including northern Germany, the Baltic states and parts of Poland and Russia and is built on the wall map by the Swedish cartographer Anders Bure. The splendid title cartouche in the upper left is surrounded by 30 local Scandinavian coats of arms. (PM) 46 x 55, 5.

An undated edition of around 1680. Probably 3rd state of this rare map. Cf. Campbell, Claes Jansz. Visscher pp., map 84 (where C. mainly deals with the earlier edition of 1656).Verso no text. Splendid copy in striking original colour. The map itself is coloured in outline only, the two cartouches and the coats of arms are fully coloured. Wide original margins. Very attractive example of a rare map in shining early colour.

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