Nr. 1120: Island

Mercator\'s Atlas Minor map from an English edition

“Island“. Copper engraved map by Jodocus Hondius on a full small-fol.- booksheet from the English edition of Gerhard Mercator’s Atlas Minor, published by Michael Sparke (and Samuel Cartwright) under the name „Historia mundi or Mercator’s atlas“, London 1635 (reprinted in 1637 and 1638).(PM) 13,3 x 19,2, sheet c. 30 x 19 cm.

Due to the booksize the map had to be turned to the right with the West now at top. To make it easier for the reader to identify the map shown the typographical head title “Iseland” in bold letters was added. – Uncut sheet with full English text on the back. Around the map wide original margins. Beautiful sharp impression with full plate tone. Insignificant imperfections only in outer margin. A very good copy.
€ 250

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