Nr. 696: Novissima Tabula Hungariae

Adriatic coast and hinterland in striking colour

“Novissima Tabula Regni Hungariae et Regionum quondam ei unitarum, ut Transilvaniae, Valachiae, Moldaviae, Serviae, Romaniae, Bulgariae, Bessarabiae, Croatiae, Bosniae, Dalmatiae, Slavoniae, Morlachiae, et Reipublicae Ragusanae..”. The eastern Adriatic and the northern Balcans. Engraved map, printed from 2 plates on 2 sheets joined, in splendid original hand colour by Joachim Ottens, published by Reinier & Josua Ottens, Amsterdam after 1725. (PM) 50 x 90 cm.

Szántai, Ottens 1b. Improved second issue by Joachim’s sons Reinier and Josua. At the left an impressive title cartouche with Turks in obedient attitude and the Hungarian coat of arms at top, fully coloured – as the whole map - in striking original colour! – An outstandingly fine copy. Almost mint condition.
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