Österreich - Tschechien

Nr. 793: Bohemia

Hogenberg workshop

“Bohemia”. Depiction of Bohemia with bordering regions, north at top. Engraved map by the Hogenberg workshop after Conrad Loew, published by Lambert Andreas, Cologne 1597. 20 x 27,5 cm.

First state. From the first edition of the rare compendium of European road-maps “Kronn und Aussbundt aller Wegweiser”, published by L. Andreas, Cologne 1597 (cf. Meurer, Atlantes Colonienses, pp. 140-46). The plate was used in this (first) edition of 1597 for the first time. The typographical text on the back of the map contains a short characterization of Prague and indicates the distances between Prague and all major Czech and Austrian towns. – Fine early impression with full plate tone. Thread margins at top and bottom, at sides cut close, partly to the inner borderline. Notwithstanding the imperfections a very good copy of a map of great rarity!
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