Nr. 1109: Pascaart Vande Oost-Zee

Splendid chart in original colour

“Pascaart Vande Oost-Zee..Tabula Hydrographica Maris Baltici Exhibens accuratam Littorum Daniae. Sueciae. Pomeraniae. Borußiae. Courlandiae. Livoniae et Finniae faciem, in sua cujusque Poli Elevatione distantia et situ; novißime discripta”. Engraved chart in original colour, published by Johannes Janssonius, Amsterdam 1650. PM 42,7 x 54,7 cm, sheet size c. 50 x 59 cm.

Koeman-v.d. Krogt, map 0250:1. Verso German text. From the only German text edition of Jansson’s 5th part of the Atlas Novus (“Water World”), which was published in 1650. – Firm and even impression of the copper plate on strong laid paper. Wide original margins. Extremely fine contemporary outline and cartouche colour! Due to the minor paper quality used by Jansson (compared to the paper used by the Blaeus) there is a gleam of light paper-browning here and there. Very few unobtrusive imperfections in outside margin not affecting impression. All in all an excellent copy in shining original colour.

Hervorragendes Exemplar in prächtigem Original-Kololorit der Janssonius-Offizin aus der Mitte des 17. Jahrhunderts!
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