Nr. 1080: Europae

Only 100 copies printed

"Europae". The continent of Europe with Iceland, part of Greenland and annexing parts of Africa and Asia. Engraved map from "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" by Abraham Ortelius, Antwerp 1575. Plate 34,6 x 47, sheet 43 x 55 cm.

Van den Broecke, Ort 4. The first plate of Ortelius' Europe in its second state, with i.a. "Cap de Vincente" in the SW of Spain changed into "Cap de Tincente". From the Latin edition of the Theatrum pp. of 1575, of which - according to van den Broecke - only 100 copies were printed. A split in the plate reaching from the Nile Delta into the Mediterranen Sea is visible, which had developed up to 1575. In later editions the split became longer until the plate finally broke, probably in 1583. In 1584 Ortelius replaced the broken plate by a new plate (v.d.Broecke, Ort 5).- Fine and even impression. Wide original margins.
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