Nr. 1079: Europae Tabula

18th c. map in full original colour

“Accuratissima Europae Tabula. Multis locis correcta et Nuperrime edita per F. de Witt.. ex Officina R. & I. Ottens”. The continent of Europe embellished with the virgin Europe abducted by taurus. Engraved double-page map in full original colour, issued by Reinier & Josua Ottens, Amsterdam, c. 1725 or slightly later. Plate 51,3 x 57,3, sheet c. 56 x 65 cm.

Our map might be a second or later state of de Wit’s Europe, as the title suggests. But it is doubtful, whether the Ottens brothers really were in the possession of the original de Wit plate (see the remarks by Koeman, vol. III, p. 86, referring to a publication by the competing publishing house of Covens & Mortier).It might be as well that the Ottens brothers made use of an older Danckerts plate or even commissioned a new plate for our map. In that case the reference to de Wit was a wily means to promote the new map. In any case the map is rare. And our copy of the map excels in its bright original colour. Triple A condition!
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