Nr. 863: Regni Angliae Nova Tabula..

De Ram’s striking map of England

“Regni Angliae Nova Tabula, Exhibens Principatum Walliae &., aliarum Provinciarum, Civi­tatum, Oppidorum, una cum itineribus ab uno in aliam Civitatem”. England and Wales with parts of Scotland and Ireland. Engraved map in original wash and outline colour by Jan de Ram, republished by Reinier and Josua Ottens, Amsterdam c. 1730. No text to the verso. (PM) 50,5 x 59,2 cm.

Shirley, British Isles, De Ram 1. 3rd state (of 3). In the map roads are shown, and to the left a lengthy panel above the title cartouche lists the cities and towns with their coordinates and distances from London. The text heading this alphabetical table is in English. According to Shirley de Ram first chose a text in Latin, before he later gave preference to English (2nd state); the only difference of our copy to the map in its 2nd state is that in the address at bottom the name “Joannem de Ram” has been substituted for ”R. & I. Ottens”. – Fine and strong impression on superb Dutch laid paper! Full original wash colour, the cartouches uncoloured. Good original margins. A split in lower centrefold closed. An excellent example of a rare map!
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