Nr. 737: Angliae, Scotiae et Hiberniae Tab:

Earliest of the undated maps by de Wit

“Nova Totius Angliae, Scotiae, et Hiberniae Tab:”. Engraved map, “Auctore Frederick de Wit”, “Gedruckt t’Amsterdam by Frederick de Wit in de Kalverstraet by den Dam in de Witte Pascaert”, c. 1675. Verso no text. (PM) 47,7 x 55,54 cm.

Shirley, British Isles, De Wit 3. Possibly one of the separate published early copies. – Uncoloured. Fine impression of the whole plate. Wide original margins at all sides, margins uncut. Minor imperfections only to outside margins. In lower left margin near the scale remarks by an old hand concerning the ratio of the different scales. Centrefold crease taken out. – The idea that the map might be a separate publication is supported by the fact that the margins of the laid paper are uncut.
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