Nr. 954: Africa Tertia Pars Terrae

Buenting’s map in a rare state

(Head title:) “Africa Tertia Pars Terrae“. Woodcut map of the African continent from Heinrich Buenting’s “Itinerarium sacrae scripturae”, printed by Balthasar Gruber and published by Emeran Kirchner, Braunschweig c.1635. Verso typographical text. 25,5 x 33,5 cm (map inside borderlines).

From a rare later German text edition printed and published in Brunswick with the woodcut maps printed from new blocks. Cf. Shirley, Mapping of the World, entry 142 referring to Buenting’s world maps:”new blocks were certainly used for the later edition from Brunswick in 1650”. Shirley is only in error about the publication-date, but else confirmed by the facts: There are differences to the earlier Magdeburg editions, i.a. in the shading of the sea, in the outlining of land masses. – Fine evenly printed impression! Margins sufficiently wide showing the cardinal points of the compass outside the map-border. Few vertical wrinkles. An excellent copy of a rare state!
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