Nr. 714: Carte de l’Afrique Meridionale

Visscher’s map in rare 2nd state and splendid condition

Running title in French at top “Carte de l’Afrique Meridionale ou Pays entre la Ligne & le Cap de Bonne Esperance, et l’Isle de Madagascar. Par la Veuve de Nicolas Visscher avec Privilege”. Southern Africa and Madagascar with a large inset of the Cape District and smaller insets of Cape Town harbour and of the silhouette of the Table Mountain coastline. Engraved double-page map in original colour, published “a Amsterdam chez Henry de Leth, Marchand d’Estampes près de la Boursse”, c. 1740. (PM) 49,5 x 57,5 cm.

A rare reissue of the Visscher map of around 1710, cf. the description of the Visscher map in Tooley’s Africa, p. 120, and the depiction on plate 89. Tooley stresses the importance of the map saying “Its main interest is in the large inset of the Cape which is of considerable historic value, giving the various Dutch settlements of the time with the names of the proprietors, De Beer, Swart Peter, Martin de Smit, Roelof Pasman, Gerrit Kloeten and the French settlement at Draakesteyn. It shows the locations of the various native tribes, the Zimbas and the Jagas etc.”. Tooley mentions a later issue by Elwe in 1792, but not our intermediate publication by de Leth. Obviously he had no knowledge of it. – Our copy is a perfect example of this interesting map in its rare 2nd state. Its bright original colour, wide margins and freshness makes it a very attractive item.
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