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Nr. 949: Karte vom Fünften Erdtheil..

Rare state of  Fembo’s map

“Karte vom Fünften Erdtheil oder Australien. Entworfen von Dr. Friedr. Gottl. Canzler, jezt aber nach den neuesten Entdeckungen berichtiget von C. G. Reichard”. Australia, New Zeeland, the Pacific Islands and part of South East Asia. Copper engraved map in original outline colour published by Christoph Fembo, Nürnberg “1821”. (PM) 48 x 60 cm.

Georg Christoph Franz Fembo bought the publishing house of Homann Heirs of Nuremberg in 1813. He was not only a publisher and dealer in the maps he had acquired, but he ordered improved or new maps from scientists as well, and he even drew new maps himself. His son Christoph Melchior was less ambitious than his father, and the publishing activities of the house ended finally in 1852. All of Fembo’s folio-sized maps are rare! – Our edition of Fembo’s Australia is apparently not described in the cat. of the NLA. The map is an updated version of Fembo’s also scarce map of 1813 (NLA, Bib ID 1773709) which in turn footed on the Homann Heirs maps of 1795 and 1806. The peculiarity of the new edition of 1821 is that New Zealand is no longer seen as part of “West Australien” (Western Australia) but of “Ost-Autralien” (Eastern Australia) and that the division line now clearly separates New Zealand, the New Hebrides and the Caroline Islands from Australia and New Guinea. - Strong impression of the full plate with wide margins at all sides. Minor staining and creasing in places, at the right a faint liquid stain. A split in lower centrefold backed. A most interesting and rare item.
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