Asien - Australien

Nr. 1036: (Verso:) India new

India Orientalis

(Head title:) “Die laenger (sic!) Asie nach irer gelegenheit biß in Indiam werden in disser tafel verzeichnet“. (At the back:) “India new wie zu unsern zeiten erfaren unnd beschriben ist zu landt und zu wasser mit onzaligen inseln gros un(d) klein”. Woodcut map of Central and East Asia in a (at the time of Muenster) “modern” view from a German edition of Sebastian Muenster’s COSMOGRAPHIA, Basel 1550. Map 25,8 x 34,2, sheetsize ca. 31 x 39,5 cm. Verso woodcut vignette with German text.

First state of Muenster’s important map of Asia, one of the first “new” European maps depicting central and eastern Asia. The woodblock was first used in Muenster's GEOGRAPHIA of 1540 and from 1544 onward in his COSMOGRAPHIA editions. Though the basis of the map is still Ptolemy’s design, it improves the Ptolemaic model in many respects. F. i. the outlines of the Indian subcontinent - between the Indus and Ganges rivers – are tentatively shown now, and the coast of China (Cathay) begins to emerge in a recognizable way. Many more new features and names occur. But Japan is not shown yet, the Philippines at least not named. – Very good evenly printed impression. Wide original margins at all sides. The centrefold has been smoothed. An excellent copy of this early informative map!
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