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Schouten’s circumnavigation of 1615-17

The world shown in twin hemispheres with the track of Schouten’s and Le Maire’s ships circumnavigating the world from 1615 to 1617. The additional inscriptions “Tropicus Cancri” and “Tropicus Capricorni” on the western half and the names “Iapa(n)”, “Banda”, “C. Bonae Spei” and “S. Helena”on the eastern half, inserted in later copies of Willem Blaeu’s version of the map, are lacking. Engraved double page map, probably from “Iournael Ofte Beschreijvinghe van de wonderlicke reyse, ghedaen door Willem Cornelisz. Schouten van Hoorn, inden Iaren 1615, 1616 en 1617..”, published by Jan Janz., Amsterdam 1624 (or later). Verso blank. (PM) 15,6 x 23,1 cm.

Sabin 77925; Shirley 297/298. The 1624 Amsterdam edition of Schouten’s voyage by Jan Jansz. is a reprint of his first Arnhem edition of 1618 (Sabin 77921). And as Sabin states “the same maps and plates were also used”. But from the 1624 edition onward (also in the edition of 1632) the descriptive text on the back of the plates was omitted. The map is highly decorative: Above the map are head-and-shoulder portraits of Ferdinand Magellan and Willem Schouten respectively. In the top corners the 2 ships of the expedition, the Victoria and the Eendracht, are depicted, and the borders show portraits of four other circumnavigators: Francis Drake, Olivier van Noort, Thomas Cavendish and Joris van Spilbergen. - Even and strong impression of the full plate with original margins at all sides. Trifle staining in lower margin only. Rare: “..Sabin lists over forty editions of Schouten’s Journal, nearly all with one or other of the above world maps. However, in spite of its popularity at the time, single examples of the map or of one of the later variants are rarely offered for sale” (Shirley 297).
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