Nr. 986: Mappe-Monde..

World in Mercator’s projection

“Mappe-Monde ou Carte Universelle”. The world in Mercator’s projection. Engraved map in original outline colour, engraved by C. Inselin and dated 1702, from “Cartes et descriptions…au sujet de la succession de la couronne d’Espagne” by Nicolas de Fer, Paris 1701 (and 1702). Verso blank. PM) 23 x 34 cm.

Pastoureau, Fer V, map 3; identical with Pastoureau, Fer I, map 55. Most probably 1. state, but Shirley, Mapping of the World, entry 602, describes a copy dated “1700”. The characteristic of our map – as of all maps in de Fer’s Spanish possessions atlas – is, that prominence is given to the Spanish possessions throughout the world by outlining them in red colour, following the title-page of the atlas which says: “dans les cartes on a peint en rouge ce que possede le Roy d’Espagne”. - Fine and strong impression of the full plate with wide original margins at all sides. Untouched original colour!
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