Nr. 981: Universalis Cosmographia

Heart-shaped depiction

"Universalis Cosmographia. Tiguri MDXLVI”. Woodcut map by Heinrich Vogtherr sen. from the first Zurich-edition of Honter’s "Rudimenta Cosmographica", Froschauer Zürich 1546. 12 x 16,2 cm.

Shirley 86. - Verso left: Part of a map of the Iberian peninsula. Verso right: “Regiones et Nomina Ventorum” (in typography) and a small hemispherical world woodcut map. Our copy is dated 1546 and has the 4 stars in the border as in the Shirley description. But instead of “Gradus Climatum” above the upper left hand bulge our copy bears the inscription “Ordo Climatum”. We suppose that the different inscriptions later were unified. So our copy might be an early intermediate state. There is more reason for this belief because our copy derives from a first edition. – Fine dark and even impression. Good original white margin. Centre fold with small restoration.
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