Nr. 832: Die eigentliche.. gestalt der Erden und des Meers

The World in outline

(Head title:) “Die eigentliche und warhafftige gestalt der Erden und des Meers“. The world shown in a quasi Mercator projection with part of America in the lower left-hand and a landmass resembling Australia but labelled “India Meridionalis” in the right-hand corner. Woodcut map from Heinrich Buenting’s “Itinerarium sacrae scripturae”, printed by Balthasar Gruber and published by Emeran Kirchner, Braunschweig c.1635. Verso typographical text. 27 x 36,2 cm (map size inside borderlines).

Shirley, Mapping of the World, entry 143. From a rare German text edition printed and published in Brunswick with the woodcut maps printed from new blocks. Cf. Shirley, entry 142:”new blocks were certainly used for the later edition from Bruns­wick”. Apart from the changed typesetting there are differences in the shading of the sea. Shirley’s illustration, his plate 120, probably shows an example of a Brunswick edition, the image is very close to our copy. - Very good impression. Margins sufficiently wide showing the cardinal points of the compass outside the map-borderlines. Few wrinkles taken out by flattening. All in all a very good example from a rare Brunswick edition.
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