Nr. 690: Nova Totius Orbis Tabula

The Ottens issue in fine condition and colour

“Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula Amstelaedami per F. de Witt, ex Officina R. & I. Ottens”. Frederick de Wit’s spectacular world map from his Atlas Maritimus: The world shown in twin central hemispheres with above and below two smaller circular polar maps. The maps are surrounded by vivacious allegorical scenes representing the four elements. Etched and engraved double-page map in brilliant original colour, issued by Reinier & Josua Ottens, Amsterdam at around 1725 or later. (PM) 51,3 x 57,3 cm.

Cf. Shirley 444. Shirley considers the map to be state 3 of de Wit’s maritime world map. But there are doubts whether the Ottens brothers really were in the possession of the original de Wit plate, see the remarks by Koeman, vol. III, p. 86, referring to a publication by the competing publishing house of Covens & Mortier. And Shirley does not deal with the fact, that there are at least 2 different states of the Ottens-reissue: In our copy the two main hemispheres and the polar maps have been com­pletely redrawn, their design is similar to that of the Justus Danckerts map of c. 1685 (Shirley 529). So this second Danckerts world map (of the 2 which he copied from de Wit’s maritime world) has had at least a strong influence on the geographical design of our Ottens map. – A perfect example of this rare map. Bright original colour. Wide margins. Splendid in every respect.
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