Nordamerika & Karibik

Nr. 428: America noviter delineata

Rare continental map with 4 figured borders

“America noviter delineata Auct: Judoco Hondio”. Engraved map in colour with four figured borders. “Ioannes Ianßonius excudit”, Amsterdam 1623 or later. The figured borders consist of city views and figures in local costumes. Top border: Views or plans of Pomeiooc, Carolina, S. Augustin, Havana Portus, S. Domingo, Cartagena. Bottom border: Views or plans of Olinda in Pharnambuco, Cusco, Potosi, La Mocha in Chili, R. Ianeiro, Mexico. Left Border: Groenlandia (!), Virginiani,  Rex et Regina Floridae, Novae Albionis Rex, Mexicani. Right border: Peruviani, Brasiliani, Brasiliani milites, Insulani de la Moche in Chili, Freti Magellanici Accolae. 45, 5 x 56 cm.

Rare and early Dutch map with 4 figured borders: Schilder, Monumenta Cartographica Neerlan­dica, vol. VI, map 18 (probably 2nd state of 4). Burden, # 207 (probably state 1), who looks at the map as an original map by Janssonius. Our copy still with the top right hand  corner of the plate, which was chipped later in the printing process! Only the forming of a crack is visible. Burden: “This very rare map is most easily distinguished by the chipped top right hand corner of the plate that appears in virtually all known examples.” - Full impression of the whole plate with adequate, but at top only narrow white margin. Original colour with recent additions. No centrefold! Restorations to few tears and other imperfections, some creases taken out. For strengthening backed by tissue paper.  But in all an attractive copy of a very rare map.

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