Belgien - Niederlande - Luxemburg

Nr. 761: Flandria

Rare and interesting playing card map

“Flandria”. Map of Flanders with the east at top. 4 of Diamonds of the engraved playing cards set “Europaeisch-Geographische Spiel-Charte”, published by Johann Hoffmann, Nürnberg 1678. Map only: 11 x 6,3 cm.

Extremely rare playing card map. Cf. S. Mann and D. Kingsley, M.C.S. No. 87, p. 22; No. 5 (for those cards of the set depicting the British Isles). No cartographer or engraver mentioned. But the world map of the set bears the imprints “J.H. Seyfrid delineavit” and “Wilhelm Pfann sculpsit”. – Strong impression. Backed with early marbled paper to use it as a real playing card. Outstandingly well preserved.
€ 320

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