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Nr. 730: Amsterdam

Famous seafront view

„ Amsterdam “. General panoramic view from the harbour with key 1 to 30 below the view, the explanations in Dutch language only. Printed from 2 etched plates on 2 sheets joined after a design of Friedrich Bernhard Werner, published by Johann Balthasar Probst, Augsburg c. 1740/45. (PM) 33 x 101, whole sheet 42 x 113 cm.

The first depiction of the city by Werner (1690-1776), who travelled to Holland in 1729 for the first time, executed as a mere etching and published by Joh. Balth. Probst. - Fine even impressions from the lightly etched plates on strong laid paper. Ample blank original margins. Few vertical folds taken out. Negligible imperfections in white margins. A copy of high quality!
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