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Nr. 226: Antverpia

Hoefnagel-view in superb contemporary colour
"Antverpia". The monumental engraved bird’ eye view after Georg Hoefnagel from the „Theatrum Urbium Celebriorum totius Belgii..“ by Jan Jansson, Amsterdam 1657. Size over all: 48 x 82,5, size of plate: 46 x 79 cm.

The impressive view from the fifth volume of the town book by Braun-Hogenberg in the rare later edition by Janssonius. Verso without text. Copies in contemporary colour of this rare and only edition can generally be distinguished from the alike view out of Braun-Hogenberg by the brightness of the mid 17th century colour. Our view is no exception: The contemporary colour is superbly rich and bright! – White margins all around platemark. Occasionally – predominantly near margins – a little bit stained. Because the view was folded several times, few folds are faintly visible recto, and slight defects occur at crossing of folding lines. - Irrespective of the small imperfections a copy of outstanding beauty and quality!

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