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Nr. 1015: Abbatia S. Michaelis Antverpi(a)


"Abbatia S. Michaelis Antverpi(a)". General view in bird's eye perspective of the vast site of the former abbey of the order of Prémontré on the right bank of the river Schelde. Above the buildings and gardens in the sky are 2 decorative oval cartouches with a dedication to the abbot Frans Ignaz van Lams and with a view of the drive-way to the main building. Engraving by Jean Henri van Schawberg, Antwerp 1737. (PM) 39 x 60 cm.

The engraver Jean H. van Schawberg, who was born in Antwerp in 1717 and died there in 1760, was active mainly in his native town. But it is known that he was active in Cologne too for a limited time. Schawberg must have seen the abbey in all its splendour with his own eyes many times, and one may assume that he did the engraving after an own draft. But alas: Part of the buildings and gardens were first demolished in 1796 during the French occupation. During the armed conflict in 1831 the Dutch troops bombarded the site and ruined it completely. - Fine dark impression from the whole plate, the sheet partly cut to the platemark. Two vertical folds because of oversize.
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